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Based in Dublin 15, 'And Away we go' is a multi-activity kids camp...

We have three age groups:
4 to 6 years | 7 to 9 years | 10 to 12 years.

The types of activities we offer are old school kid games, Leadership games and team building.

We have selected these activities to give children a chance to step away from technology and form friendships with their peers.

We also know they help shyer children to get involved and join in. All of our Camp leaders are experienced and committed to giving your children a fantastic all round camp experience gifting them memories they can carry with them for life.

Prices are €95 per week per child.

Our Motto is 'No one gets left behind'

School holidays can be a lonely time for some children. The aim of our camp is to include ALL children. This is why we have a socially inclusive camp for children with additional needs. To offer the best experience we have limited availability in this group.

Why choose us?

We focus on socializing and building friendships.

Our leaders are positive role models.

We eliminate screen time and focus on fitness through activities.

We encourage children to help each other in activities which promote problem solving and leadership skills. This helps to build confidence and empathy. Focusing on our motto all the time “Nobody Gets Left Behind“.

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We have three age groups:


4 to 6 years


7 to 9 years


10 to 12 years


Building confidence & empathy

Daily schedule will start and finish with a camp song. This will foster a sense of community, togetherness and sense of belonging for all children.

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